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E. Berger Juwel-Schraubtechnik GmbH

TLM pneumatic torque wrench - multi design up to 5,000 Nm

TLM pneumatic torque wrench - multi design up to 5,000 Nm


Multi Pneumatic torque wrench for torques between 40 and 5,000 Nm. The perfect tool for challenging applications with large and small torques. Multi-construction offers you maximum flexibility in your applications. Finely adjust the pneumatic torque wrench to a straight or angled (individual number of degrees) power wrench. Pneumatic drive also makes it easy to fasten screws that have already been tightened thanks to the gentle start-up behavior. Powerful gear technology up to 15,000 Nm for heavy-duty applications. Transmission 100% developed in Germany and manufactured in the company's own production hall in Rhineland-Palatinate. Individual accessories possible on request.

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Juwel-Schraubtechnik TLM series (pneumatic multi torque wrench)

Scope of delivery :

- TLM Pneumatic Torque Wrench including standard support in a noble and robust sheet steel case

- Test certificate and torque table

- Operation manual

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