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E. Berger Juwel-Schraubtechnik GmbH

TQX cordless torque gun - straight design up to 7,000 Nm

TQX cordless torque gun - straight design up to 7,000 Nm


Straight digital cordless torque gun for torques between 100 and 7,000 Nm. The perfect power wizard to carry out screwdriving according to the most modern and precise requirements in the sense of Industry 4.0.

Document up to 1200 bolting data according to the first-in-first-out principle with digital torque gun. Torque wrenches can be easily programmed via laptop or on the wrench display. Create up to 8 screwdriving programmes, each of which can run fully automatically in several steps: e.g. programming 1 - first tightening to torque and then automatically to angle of rotation. You can conveniently read out the data on your mobile phone or laptop and store and manage them permanently. In addition, documentation is possible with the help of a central control unit. Via Wi-Fi, all data is sent fully automatically to a storage unit. We will be happy to advise you!

Flexible use thanks to powerful rechargeable batteries. The additional battery allows you to screw continuously with the digital torque wrench. No annoying cables or expensive pumps that are difficult to transport. With up to 10,000 Nm, even heavy-duty applications are no problem without additional equipment. Gearbox 100% developed in Germany and manufactured in the company's own production hall in Rhineland-Palatinate. Individual accessories available on request.

All torque wrenches can be purchased or rented!

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Juwel-Schraubtechnik TQX series (digital battery-powered straight torque wrench)

Scope of delivery:

- TQX battery-powered torque wrench including standard support in a classy sheet steel case.

- Test certificate and torque table

- USB stick with software for programming the TQX torque wrench on any laptop/PC

- Additional battery and quick charger

- Operating instructions

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